Where can I see information about events that are going to be held?

See our programme section and you will find the calendar of events which are going to be held soon in Granada Conference Centre. The events have a link to the website of the organiser with the basic details.

What are the closest hotels?

You can see a list of accommodation options and hotels under the heading “Granada” in our website.

Which are the closest restaurants?

You can see the list of restaurants in section “Granada” of our website.

How do you get to Granada Conference Centre?

On the “Location” page in the “The Conference Centre” section you will find all the ways to reach the city of Granada and the Conference Centre.

Is there access for disabled people?

The main entrance to the building is adapted for disabled people to enter. Inside the building you will be able to access any space using ramps and lifts.

What address should I use for deliveries?

On the “Location” page you will find where the delivery entrance or bay is located.