The Machado and Picasso rooms, like their twins, the Albéniz and Machuca rooms, are located on floor -2. Their furniture is fix and they can be used together or separately depending on the event requirements.


Main information

Machado room capacity

  • 160 person capacity

Picasso room capacity

  • 160 person capacity

Machado + Picasso room capacity

  • 320 person capacity

Examples of use

Plenary sessions, meetings, etc.

Technical features

Conference system

  • PHILIPS CCS-400 equipment with 4 presidency units and 2 wireless microphones.

Simultaneous interpreting

  • PHILIPS equipment configured for a maximum of 6 interpreting channels.
  • Infrared reception with 3 interpreting cabins per room.


  • Made up of PI-C type fluorescent lamps and adjustable halogen lamps.


Audio-visual equipment

  • Projection is carried out from inside the room.

Electrical power

  • 10 KW (3x380V + N, 25 A), in each room.
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