“The success of our European conference can be thanked to the professionalism of the team of the Conference Centre. The excellent quality of the facilities and the versatility of the spaces did the rest. All participants enjoyed and took the greatest advantage of this great conference. Without a doubt, choosing Granada Conference Centre was a great success.”

Mario Solís
National Coordinator
CSE España


“The support provided by Granada Exhibition and Conference Centre in the preparation and development of the application which I presented on behalf the Sociedad Española de Nutrición (SEN) Spanish Nutrition Association, to choose to hold the World Nutrition Conference under the guidance of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) in 2013 in Granada, has been key for said application being selected. Their support continues, and without a doubt, we are convinced that the 5,000 attendees expected will enjoy a Conference which is excellent for both scientific, and organisational and social aspects”.

Ángel Gil

Universidad de Granada Presidente World Congress of Nutrition, 2013

“The availability and good work of the staff at the Marketing Department of Granada Conference Centre was an essential factor in obtaining, despite competing with Rome, Paris, Athens and Maastricht, the 22nd Perinatal Medicine Conference, which we will held in 2010. They know how to do their job!”.

Dr. Francisco Montoya Ventoso

Hospital Materno-Hospital Virgen de las Nieves Presidente XXII European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, 2010

“The relationship that we have had with Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre has always been very cordial. We have had unconditional assistance for the presentation and preparation of all events in which I have personally participated, since the 27th World Congress of Internal Medicine (2004) up to the conference which we are currently preparing, the 50th National Conference on Geriatrics and Gerontology. The good work and availability of its professionals has always helped us enormously in our work.”

Dr. Javier García Monlleó

Centro San Rafael-Hospital Virgen de las Nieves Presidente 50º Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología, 2008 29º Congreso de la Sociedad Andaluza de Geriatría y Gerontología, 2008

“Granada Exhibition and Conference centre was involved in the 29th National Conference of the Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Association long before Granada was chosen as the host city. The video of our bidding application, fully elaborated by its technicians, broke moulds and allowed us to win the bid to the Barcelona Olympics. The versatility of the building, its magnificent facilities, and the professionalism and availability of its team contributed to the 29th National SEGO Conference being recognised as the biggest and best National Conference for Spanish gynaecologists. This success, it is certain, would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the Granada Exhibition and Conference centre.”

Dr. Rosa María Sabatel López

Universidad de Granada Presidenta XXIX Congreso Nacional de la SEGO, 2007


The efficiency, support and cooperation of the team who manage Granada Exhibition and Conference Centre played an essential role in the success of the 17thCongress of the European Chemoreception Research Organisation (ECRO).
The organising committee is very grateful to all members of the team who facilitated both the prior preparation and the execution of the event during the days it was held. Its professionalism, good work, and effort to satisfy the needs which arose during the process gave the attendees (including figures of recognised prestige, such as Dr. Linda Buck, 2004 Physiology and Medicine Nobel Prize Winner) an excellent impression of Spain and Granada. At the heart of ECRO “the Granada conference” has become a milestone and the Granada Exhibition and Conference centre has great prestige.

Prof. Milagros Gallo Torre

Universidad de Granada Presidenta del Comité Organizador de ECRO, 2006

“As President of the Organising Committee in three International Conferences held in Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre: I wish to express my gratitude to Granada Exhibition and Conference Centre for its excellent facilities, which were essential to the success of said Conferences.
Without the support of the friendly technical and management personnel it would not have been possible to achieve the success we had”.

Prof. José Miguel Barea

Estación Experimental del Zaidín-CSIC Presidente European Symposium on Mycorrhiza, 1994 Enzymes in the Environment: Ecology, Activity and Application, 1999 International Conference on Mycorrhiza, 2006

“I have had the opportunity to preside over three medical conferences which have taken place at Granada Conference Centre, with 600, 1,800 and 4,500 participants in our city. In these conferences I have always had the invaluable collaboration of the Conference Centre and their whole professional team in both the preparation and presentation of the bid and in logistic support, information and numerous aspects which this type of medical activity involves”.

Prof. Blas Gil Extremera

Universidad de Granada Presidente Congreso Andaluz de Hipertensión, 1993 Congreso Nacional de Medicina Interna, 1997 World Congress of Internal Medicine, 2004

“My experience with the team of Granada Conference Centre in the organisation of the European Cognitive Psychology Association Conference was unbeatable at every stage of the process: they helped me to prepare the application which successfully competed with other European candidates, to plan many details before the conference, and during the conference they gave me all the support necessary so that every detail was carried out with the greatest fluidity. The conference was a resounding success, with the 500 participants that we had expected becoming 1,000. The European association remembers the conference in Granada as “the best ever”.”

Prof. Teresa Bajo

Universidad de Granada Presidenta XIII Congress of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, (ESCoP), 2003